How The Bake Club Works

Become a member of this exciting new Bake Club. Go to and follow the instructions below…....

Bake Club Bakeware

Looking for baking ideas? With our great range of creative Bakeware, you need search no more. Bake Club has innovative bakeware and utensils which are perfect for any baker. Find everything you need to enjoy baking and decorating with our extensive r

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Decorated Cakes & Sweets

Bake Club recipes plus a mini éclair tray, bag & nozzle

Bake Club has produced a printed magazine and bakeware set to complement your online membership. Decorated Cakes & Sweets is available at your local Tesco for only £5.99 or you can buy it in the Baked & Delicious online shop.

Where to find issues of Decorated Cakes & Sweets