This exclusive, specially tooled plinth has been designed to display your Official Collector’s Models. Each plinth has space for 10 figurines.
This sturdy binder will provide stylish and secure storage for your Game of Thrones – Official Collector’s Models magazine collection.
A stunning representation of the three-eyed raven that haunts Bran Stark’s dreams. 
(Height: 12.3cm, wingspan: 18cm).


As a subscriber, for only $3 extra per issue, you have the opportunity to upgrade your subscription, and receive these three exclusive models of Daenerys
Targaryen’s dragons throughout your collection! PLUS your other gifts.




Take a closer look at the figurines

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Inside the Magazine

A stunning 12-page magazine provides background information on the key moment captured by the model, plus character profiles and fascinating facts about the world of Game of Thrones. Each issue is illustrated throughout with official photography supplied by HBO, including exclusive images.

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Q. How much does it cost to subscribe?
The per issue prices in Australia are as follows: Issue 1 is $7.99 (inc. GST), and issue 2 onwards is $19.99 inc. GST (premium subscribers $22.99 inc. GST). Postage and handling costs $1 per issue. If you would like to subscribe you can do so via our subscribe page.


Q. Can I get the free gifts without subscribing?
These gifts are exclusive to subscribers, but if you would like to subscribe you can do so via our subscriptions page.

Q. What methods of payments do you accept?
You can pay by Paypal, Direct Debit, Visa, Delta or Mastercard. Please call our customer services team on (03) 9872 4000 to make the arrangements.

Q. I have received the wrong issue/s.
We will replace all your issues with the correct copies. Please post your incorrect copies to Game of Thrones Official Collector's Models, Bissett Magazine Service Pty Limited, PO Box 3460 Nunawading VIC 3131, with a note including your name, address, subscriber number and which issues you should have received. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services Team on (03) 9872 4000 or email Please include your name and subscription reference in the subject line.

Q. I have not received all my issues, can you help?
Our Customer Services Team can sort this out for you. If you email the team, please include your name and subscription reference in the subject line. Get in touch.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel at any time giving 28 days notice – please contact our Customer Services Team at or call (03) 9872 4000. If you email the team, please include your name and subscription reference in the subject line.

Q: How does the premium subscription work?
A: The premium subscription is an exclusive offer giving you the opportunity to receive additional gifts throughout the collection by paying only $3.00 extra per issue. That means as a premium subscriber you will get all of the benefits of a regular subscription, plus you receive the 3 Dragons during the collection. For more details on all of the gifts go to our subscriptions page.

Q: If I take out a premium subscription do I still receive the other FREE subscription gifts?
A: Yes, as a premium subscriber you will receive 3 free gifts PLUS the 3 Dragons.

Q. If I want to cancel my subscription am I entitled to a refund for my premium payments?
A: No you will not be refunded

Q. If I cancel my subscription am I able to pay the remaining premium payment to receive the additional items?
A: No, premium items are only available if your subscription is still running.

Q. How many issues are there in the collection?
We have planned 60 issues for this collection.

Q. I can't get through on the phone number given.
We have several lines dedicated to helping you, but they can be busy at peak times so please keep trying. Alternatively, please email our Customer Services Team at

Q. How can I get back copies?
To order back copies, please contact our Customer Services Team on (03) 9872 4000 or email Please note that it can take up to 21 days to deliver your back copies.

Q. What day is the collection on sale?
A new issue is on sale every other Thursday.

Q. How can I get copies if I live outside Australia?
I am sorry, this collection is only available in the UK, EIRE at the moment.

Q. I can’t see some of the pages on the website. Help!
It may be a temporary problem, so please click Refresh to reload the page. If you are experiencing problems getting through to the secure order area when trying to place a subscription order, please email us at

Q. I can't find copies in the shops – help!
You can ask your newsagent to place a regular order for you so you can pick up your issues from them. If you need back copies you can ask your newsagent to order them for you or just contact our Customer Services Team. Don't forget, if you take out a subscription issues will be delivered to your door and you will receive 6 fantastic subscription gifts! Full details are given on the subscribe page