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With our help, you'll build your own Miro and watch it develop!

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MIRO's evolution

Phase 01: Reactive

Explore Phase 01 piece by piece

MIRO's evolution

Phase 02: Emotive

Explore Phase 02 piece by piece

Inside the Magazine

With each set of robot parts you’ll receive a full-colour magazine that’s crammed with fascinating articles on MIRO, robots, biomimetics and more. Each magazine is divided into 5 sections for easy reference. Click on the arrows below to explore!


MIRO Blogs

Discover MIRO’s journey from the lab into the home and explore the fascinating world of robotics and biomimetics.

Meet the minds behind MIRO’s design and read their blogs

Become immersed in the robot development process

Learn just how much fun it is to be involved in such a ground-breaking project

We've called our robot MIRO (‘Mimetic Intelligent Robot’) but you can call yours whatever you like…


The MIRO Website

Learn more about MIRO!

Video Gallery

Check out the Miro UK TV AD and look out for more videos to come!

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