About us

A creative and innovative company

We invest generously in creating, researching and marketing all our projects in every single market where we publish, liaising with our licensors and partners all steps along the way to achieve the best end results.

We carry out detailed quantitative research with the general population, qualitative research with focus groups and we conduct regional marketing tests before launching a partwork nationally.

Typically we spend 18 months developing and testing a new concept before we launch with a massive targeted TV national campaign which ensures a high brand visibility in each country where we publish.


In Detail

Creativity, quality and originality. Eaglemoss is proud of its record in producing exceptional partworks and collections, from the unique build-up orrery and exceptional figurine collections to creative and fun childrens' titles, Eaglemoss excels in producing quality titles.

Corporate information

The 2011 global turnover is estimated to reach €230M generated across more than 150 collections published in 35 markets and in 20 different languages. More than 50% of the group turnover arises outside the EU. We dominate the Eastern European and Russian language markets and invest to become leading publishers in Japan and the other BRIC countries. We are launching approximately 80 collections every year as independent publishers or in partnership with other publishers. We employ a team of 160 people with offices in London, Paris, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, Moscow, Tokyo and Warsaw


We publish throughout the world in both adult and children’s areas on a wide range of subjects. Each title builds into a comprehensive work generating between 2000 and 3000 pages of high quality editorial material, and many come with cover-mounted collectables including polyresin, plush and electronic kit components.

Eaglemoss has also acquired the archives of Marshall Cavendish and Del Prado and can supply material from both of these former prestigious partwork companies.

Please note, Eaglemoss can only licence kiosk-newsstand partwork distribution rights for the Del Prado titles

Press collections

With a dedicated team in the London and Paris offices, Eaglemoss now creates collections for newspapers and magazines globally.
Eaglemoss works closely with newspaper and magazine partners to create bespoke collections for their target audiences.
We created the best-selling cookery series, Best Food Fast! in association with Best magazine – which is running to an incredible 80 parts – as well as the follow-up recipe series, My Favourite Recipes, with National Magazine Company in the UK.
With other successful cookery collections in Australia with Pacific Magazine’s That’s Life magazine, and Mes Meilleures Recettes Gourmandes with Femme Actuelle in France, we lead the way with innovative collections of this kind.
We create and target collections to suit press partners and their audiences, for example, to tie in with the anniversary of the start of WW2, we created The Daily Telegraph World War II: Eyewitness Experience magazine and facsimile newspaper collection with the Telegraph Media Group in the UK.

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