The Mire

Exclusive Special Edition!

From the greatest sci-fi TV show in the world comes the eighth Special Edition in the Doctor Who Figurine Collection – the Mire!

The Doctor faces the Mire in a ninth-century Viking village. These alien mercenaries feed on adrenalin and testosterone and scoop up the toughest warriors into their spaceship. What the Mire forget is that you don’t have to be all brawn to win a battle – brains are more important. The rest of the village declares war on the Mire and, in the best Doctor Who tradition, the Doctor turns the Mire’s technology against them!

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These gifts are exclusive to subscribers, but if you would like to subscribe you can do so via our subscribe page.

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You can pay by Direct Debit, Visa, Delta or Mastercard, and Paypal. Please call our customer services team to make the arrangements.

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Our Customer Services Team can sort this out for you. If you email the team, please include your name and subscription reference in the subject line.

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We will replace all your issues with the correct copies. Please post your incorrect copies to: Doctor Who Figurine Collection, Database Factory, Unit 4, Pullman Business Park, Pullman Way, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1HD, with a note including your name, address, subscriber number and which issues you should have received. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services Team on 0844 472 5250 or email dw-figurines@eaglemoss-service.com. Please include your name and subscription reference on the subject line

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The collection launches on Wednesday, 28th August 2013. From then on the collection will be available every second Thursday.

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The premium subscription is an exclusive offer giving you the opportunity to receive additional gifts throughout the collection by paying only £1.00 (UK) or €1.50 (EIRE) extra per issue.

That means as a premium subscriber you get all of the benefits of a regular subscription, plus you receive 7 limited edition Dalek figurines and a specially designed base to display them on. For more details on all of the gifts go to our subscriptions page.

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Yes, as a premium subscriber you will receive the 4 FREE subscription gifts in addition to the limited-edition Dalek figurines and specially designed display base

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We have planned 120 figurines in this collection.

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Please just contact our customer services team.

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You will start paying the extra £1.00p from issue 2 onwards, if you start your subscription at a later issue you just have to pay an additional £1.00p per issue for the issues you have missed.

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No you will not be refunded

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No, premium items are only available if the subscription is still running

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Every 10 issues, one Dalek will be included with your standard subs delivery