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A creative and innovative company
Eaglemoss Collections: a partwork company with a passion for creative and innovative collectable products.
We invest generously in creating, researching and marketing all our projects in every single market where we publish, liaising with our licensors and partners all steps along the way to achieve the best end results.
We carry out detailed quantitative research with the general population, qualitative research with focus groups and we conduct regional marketing tests before launching a partwork nationally.
Typically we spend 18 months developing and testing a new concept before we launch with a heavy, above-the-line national advertising campaign, which ensures high brand visibility in each market launched.

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Eaglemoss Collections represents the best of partwork creativity and success.
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Eaglemoss Collections is the leading partwork publisher with over 40 years of experience; we publish in more than 30 international markets across 5 continents.
Since the publication of our first partwork in 1975, we have consistently been expanding our range of products and innovating our product development processes to create fantastic collections. 
We work with many of the World’s leading entertainment brands including Warner Bros, Disney, CBS, EON, BBC, HBO, AMC and many more to produce major collectable series such as Marvel Movie Figurines, Disney Cakes & Sweets, James Bond Cars, Doctor Who Figurine Collection, DC Graphic Novel Collection, Batman Automobilia, Game of Thrones Collector’s Models, Star Trek Starships, The Walking Dead Collection and much much more! 
We also create our own unique properties, including the Bake Box, Knit & Stitch, Baked & Delicious, Build a model Solar System, 3D Create & Print and many more, to provide products for all tastes.
Our 2015 global turnover was €110m generated across more than 150 collections published in 30 markets and in 13 different languages. 
We launch approximately 50 collections every year as independent publishers or in partnership with other publishers. We employ a team of 110 people with offices in London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Sao Paolo and Warsaw.


We publish throughout the world in both adult and children’s areas on a wide range of subjects. Each title builds into a comprehensive work generating between 2,000 and 3,000 pages of high-quality editorial material, and many come with cover-mounted collectables including polyresin, plush and electronic kit components. With publishing history of more than 40 years we can also help to curate new collections from our archive material.


For licensing enquiries please contact: Alex Neal alexneal@eaglemoss.co.uk

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